Seth HAgenstein

Seth is a Korean American filmmaker currently living in New York City. Adopted at a young age, he grew up in Michigan before moving to New York to study filmmaking at NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he graduated in 2010.


After school, he began working as both a Director of Photography and later Director in commercials, music, narrative, and live performance. As a Director, he’s worked on various projects in commercialsm, fashion, and beauty for such brands as Maybelline, Essie, Ralph Lauren, K-Mart Fashion, and Elizabeth Arden. In 2012, the video “Did you Hear? Announcing Charlotte Free as the New Face of Maybelline" starring P’Trique went viral and won a Webby as the best use of a video in a social media campaign. 


In music, Seth started shooting and directing for MTV IGGY (later MTV World) a branch at MTV known for it's more experimental content. There he directed live performances for Artists to Watch and multiple docu projects including the pilot episode for Periphery featuring St. Lucia, which utilized 360 degree VR cameras when the technology was still in its infancy. He’s also directed music videos and short doc projects with such artists as Tinashe, Lorde, Mt. Eden, and Tristam.

As a DP, Seth has lensed multiple projects across commercials, music, and narrative including music videos and projects for artists such as Nas, Boogie with the Hoodie, De La Soul, Phish, and Hoodie Allen. In the narrative realm, he’s been primlarily focused in comedy, shooting multiple shows and web series including Cop Show with Collin Quinn, Social Media Detectives (MTV), Notary Publix with Kate Mckinnon, and My Brother and My Brother and Me featuring the Malcaroy brothers, which became the number one show on Sesso.